that corner of Ellrich

Another corner I’ve been visiting and photographing on and off for years. The most fascinating thing is that nothing changes here. The ravages of time gnaw invisibly.

bewitched at the edge of town

While walking at dusk, I suddenly spotted this house. I had never noticed it before. Surrounded by a large overgrown garden, it seemed as haunted as it was eerie.
Would it have aroused your curiosity?
Would your desire for lost places have tempted you to penetrate the thorny thicket?
I just had to get closer.
The piles of junk by the house made me wonder. But even when there was a sudden clatter in the basement of the house, I remained stubborn. Why flee? What could possibly happen? 😅
But when a dark, tall figure stepped out of the door and came toward me, my heart did have a few lapses. 😨
Now what?!

some of my favourite garages

Actually i never miss an opportunity to visit this garage yard and take this photo again and again from this one perspective.
Even if I am aware that nothing new ever happens here, I cannot help it.