about this site

This website started as a photo gallery in March 2000 and changed later to a photoblog.
A photoblog is not a portfolio, i.e. I do not only show the probably best or most mainstream of my pictures here, but works in thematic or chronological contexts. I call it work in project.

The daily scum and the special surge of the city have fascinated me as a child when I was dragged by the hand of my grandmother through the grey, smelling like brewery and noisy streets of Hannover-Linden. My earliest memories of train stations are marked by similar feelings.

Today, I constantly find myself in the way I try to reflect these memories and impressions: in pictures that I have taken in the cities in recent years. Perhaps because a thread has to be sought that leads from New York to Hanoi, through Hamburg and Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden, Prague and Nicosia to Paris and above all Istanbul.

How do we live? How do we want to live? What are our demands and needs of our immediate living environment and where do we find our immediate desires?
This is not a task that you have to fathom during city tours in a tourist bus. You need time, repetition, closeness and contact to people, a sharp mental eye. And something like the longing for a fulfilled life, a positive utopia.

In this sense!

If you have any questions about my work or my person, just send me a note to
mail [at] grapf [dot] de.

I am very pleased about your interest.
Just as well I am pleased about every comments – gladly critical – on my pictures, best direct in the photoblog.


Thanks a lot!