about this site

This website started in the year 2000 as a photo gallery and changed to a photoblog in 2004.
A photoblog is not a portfolio, i.e. I show here not only probably the best or most mainstream of my pictures, but works in thematic or chronological contexts. I call it work in project.

I was fascinated by the daily scum and the particular surge of my city as a child, when I was dragged by my grandmother’s hand through the gray, brewery-smelling and noisy streets of Hannover-Linden. My earliest memories of train stations also date back to that time. The whistling and hissing of the locomotives and the noise of the railway were especially scary to me at the time.

Today, I find myself repeatedly trying to revive these memories and impressions: in pictures I have taken in cities over the past few years. Maybe because a red thread needs to be sought that leads from New York to Hanoi, over Leipzig and Berlin, via Prague and Nicosia to Paris and, above all, Istanbul.
Not to mention the detour from Hannover-Linden to Rangoon.

Questions that push me
How do we live? How do we want to live? What are our demands and needs in our immediate living environment and where do our deepest longings hide?
It is not possible to find this out on a sightseeing tour in a tourist bus. It takes time, repetition, closeness and contact with people, a sharpened spiritual eye. And something like the longing for a fulfilled life – for a positive utopia.

Please try to understand these pictures in this way!

Why this site here?
Even if the temptation seems immense to publish photos only in social media, because I get much faster and much more feedback there, I decided to continue this photoblog.
I think it can last longer than an account on flickr or Instagram, not to mention other communities I once belonged to.
And it is my personal place, where I decide, what you see.

If you have any questions about my work or my person, just send me a message to
mail [at] grapf [dot] de.

I am very pleased about your interest.
Just as well I am pleased about every comments – gladly critical – on my pictures, best direct in the photoblog.

Thanks a lot!

Yours, Ralf aka Grapf

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  1. Kaj Huddart

    Lieber Grapf,

    Although it is now 7 years since I spent a glorious 14 months studying at the Freie Universität and living in Neukölln, I continue to rely on your Berlineur project to satisfy me in moments of acute Berlin nostalgia. More than any other photographer whose work I’ve seen, I feel you capture the sentimentality of Berlin, especially West Berlin, and most of all with the beautiful orange light of the U1 silhouetted against the cool hues of the evening.

    Today I work at Transit App in my native Montreal, and many of us are very taken with your work, especially photographing trains. If there could be a way to pay you for your work to print and frame something, I’d be curious to know more. My absolute favourite picture for many years has been this one: https://berlineur.de/2012/10/12/u1-vor-gleisdreieck/

    Thank you very much for putting your beautiful work online.

    Yours truly,

    Kaj Huddart

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